Gone but not forgotten

  All of us have been affected by mental illness. It could be ourselves, a loved one or acquaintances. Yesterday I went to Western State Hospital cemetery with a dear friend of mine who is also a psychic medium. He has had an experience there and wanted me to see what I felt. Western state … Continue reading Gone but not forgotten

Still part of me

I am an intuitive medium and a paranormal investigator. That means I investigate paranormal activity at people’s homes or other places. I also talk to the ones who have crossed over to give healing to those left behind. I was not prepared when I had my own experience and how it would change my life. … Continue reading Still part of me

No more resolutions…please

I hate making resolutions.  Same thing every year for people.  Lose weight, stop smoking, and go to the gym.  I cannot imagine how much gyms make with initiation fees on January 2nd every year. They say that the average person gives up on their resolutions by the 3rd week of January. Why?  They expect instant … Continue reading No more resolutions…please