Let Me Introduce Myself…

Hi there,  let me introduce myself. My name is Mackenna and I specialize in past life regression and theta healing to help people live their authentic lives. During a session, the client and I assess their needs at the time so each session is customized for them. We go through a series of healing modalities which creates a more personal and rewarding treatment. I have a variety of tools that I use which focus on finding the blocks or issues, realizing the impact of them, working through and releasing them. When you release the energy you need to fill the void and we find a positive and healthy replacement. 

I am a middle school cheer coach and have worked in high school with children dealing with  in school suspension. I have been a certified hypnotherapist for 8 years.  My goal is not to create a life long client but to help you to find yourself and embrace the life you live with no regrets.  #findYOURinspiration